Supetar the Center

The town of Supetar with over 4000 inhabitants is the largest settlement in Brac and its administrative, cultural, economic and tourist center. This town is situated in the northern part of the island of Brac, with a great ferry connection with Split and many unobstructed beauties. Its rich historical and cultural heritage, the dazzling lifestyle of the Dalmatian lifestyle, the multitude of high-quality lures, the many cultural events, the clean sea, the closeness of the mainland and the beauty of the island of Brac make it a paradise for those seeking relaxation.

The history of Supetar can be traced back to the ancient Roman emperors, which are located at the foot of Banj beach at St. Nikolaus VI. century parish church and also the VI. Renaissance mosaic remains seen in the early 19th century villa rustic. Supetar from Nerežišća harbor – developed from the historical capital of the island. Supetar is first mentioned in 1423, today’s town form XVII. and the XVIII. In the 19th century, when many inhabitants of Donji Humac moved there. He has been holding the city title since 1997.

In 1604 it was built on the bases of the former basilica. The refurbishment was refurbished in 1729 and was completed in 1733, when the church got its baroque style today.

Supetar Day of the City is celebrated on June 29, with the patron saint of Saint Peter and Paul celebrated with a great celebration. St. Peter was a disciple of Jesus, who came from Bethsaida near Galilee, and is referred to as the “fishermen of the people” in the Catholic religion.

One of the most beautiful sights in Supetar is the cemetery where there are many artistic works of the great sculptors of Croatia – the birth of Rendić Ivan Supetar (picture) and Mausoleum of the Rosandić Toma – Petrinović family.

Above Supetar there is a church of St. Luke (Lukács) in the Xth century, in which the most ancient ship of Dalmatia is depicted as a stone relief. century Church of St Roka (Sz. Rókus) – a church built for the protection of the plague. In the immediate vicinity of Supetar, only ten minutes of cobblestone walk, Trolokva settlement is situated – the oasis of tranquility is the cultural and historical complex with three drinking water supply systems.

JOB IGNJAT (1895 – 1936), a Croatian painter, painted his most important works in Supetar. The main motifs of his painting are the Mediterranean landscapes, the motifs of Supetar, fishermen’s festivals, portraits and actresses. The most beautiful street in the city center is named after him. Most of the great Croatian artist can be seen in a gallery in Bol.

RENDIC IVAN (1849 – 1932), the most well-known artist of Supetar, is the first significant and artistically-styled sculptor, the father of Croatian sculpture.

Near the National Library, in the vicinity of the seafront Ivan’s Rendić is a beautiful collection of memorials of Croatian sculpture.

This beautiful gallery is located in the church of Sv. Martin (Márton Sz.) In Job Ignjat Street, in which Brac’s son Ostoja Tomislav is the work of the living legend of Croatian contemporary sculpture – drawings, models and other works.

In the small museum near Supetar parish church, there is a church collection of parish churches, which is recommended for exhibitions to be visited.

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