Brac island

Island Brac area of 394.6 km2 third largest island on the Adriatic area, is situated in the sunniest part of the Adriatic Sea More than 2,700 hours of sunshine annually.Maintained in the animal, fishing and cultivation of the olive is one of the most significant addition to the occupation of the island was a quarry. The White House, in Washington, also built from marble of Brac.


Island Brac is located in Dalmatia and the Mediterranean, where fish and seafood dominate in gastronomy. Island Brac dominates the gastronomy – lamb! Although gastronomic offerings include many fish, seafood, excellent wines and extra-virgin olive oil, historical events and the lifestyle typical of the island of Brac led its gastronomy towards lamb, cheese, milk and dairy products. VITALAC (the delicacies made from the lamb’s interior) – the traditional brasserie is the pearl of gastronomy, which is included in the Croatian Heritage List. Soon, this list will be added to the town of Dol, the HRAPOĆUŠA cake based on the old and semi-preserved recipe – a beautiful and sweet delicacy. Among the other non-seafood dishes we recommend the far-famed Brač sheep cheese, scallops (olive oil), olive oil, red wine (Plavac Mali), braci mandarin, hroštulé (chicken) …

BRACERA – a ship type named after the name of the island of Brac (Brazza). One or more Latin sailing masts. This is the traditional sailing cargo vessel typical of the Croatian side of the Adriatic. Its weight is 50 – 70t, the length of the hull is 15 – 17m.

BRACER “RODITELJ” (PARENT) – anchored in the port of Supetar in 1907, in Bracera, built in Pirane, “Parent” (Parent). This two-storey bracera is owned by the Supetar Tourist Board.

KLAPA IN THE DALMATIA is a unique musical expression in the world. Traditional homophonic multiplication singing without music accompaniment is a phenomenon that the official entries first appeared in the XIX. century, but its history dates back much earlier. KLAPA – a sophisticated vocal ensemble, specific to the capella Dalmatian songs repertoire which are found throughout Dalmatia, but especially on the islands.

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